Bungee Fitness Studios in Italy

Bungee Fitness Studios in Italy

Welcome to the exciting world of bungee fitness studios in Italy! This thrilling workout experience combines the exhilaration of flight with the benefits of traditional exercise. Bungee fitness is an innovative workout method that has taken the fitness world by storm, offering an exciting and effective way to tone your body, increase strength, and improve overall health. In this blog post, we will introduce you to various bungee fitness studios across Italy, showcasing their unique offerings and the talented instructors who will guide you through this gravity-defying workout.

Bungee Fitness Napoli

Uncover the world of bungee fitness and the numerous advantages it offers.

Boost your strength, enhance coordination, and work every muscle in your body without putting undue stress on your joints and ligaments. These are just a few compelling reasons to consider enrolling in a bungee fitness class.

Bungee fitness, sometimes referred to as bungee gym, is an airborne sport that utilizes a special harness, similar to those used in rock climbing. This harness wraps around your waist and connects you to elastic cords secured to the ceiling, allowing you to move freely without ever touching the ground.

Initially developed for rehabilitation purposes by a German physician, this suspended workout method has evolved into an exciting alternative to traditional sports disciplines, combining fitness with fun.

Bungee Fitness Course Near Me

bungee fitness cagliari

Bungee Fitness: What’s Involved?

Bungee fitness allows you to perform a variety of exercises and movements that tone every muscle in your body. Execute push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and squats while defying gravity and utilizing your body weight for extra resistance.

Essential Bungee Fitness Equipment The foundational equipment for bungee fitness includes a harness and elastic cords. The harness ensures your safety while also connecting you to the modular bungee cords, which can be adjusted to suit your unique needs and abilities.

Bungee Fitness benefici

Bungee Fitness dove si trova

The Benefits of Bungee Fitness

Bungee fitness is a comprehensive workout that targets every muscle group, from your legs and arms to your abs, glutes, and core. This form of exercise not only enhances aerobic capacity but also builds strength and endurance. As you move through the air, you’ll improve your coordination without straining your joints and ligaments, thanks to the bungee cords that absorb the impact of your movements.

Another notable benefit is the significant positive impact on your mental well-being. Successfully completing exercises in unconventional conditions boosts your self-confidence, fosters a more optimistic attitude, and encourages a proactive approach to tackling new experiences or challenges.

Additionally, bungee fitness is a high-cardio exercise program, which means it promotes significant calorie burning. As a result, you can lose weight or maintain your ideal physique while enjoying a thrilling workout experience.

bungee fitness controindicazioni

bungee fitness bologna

Bungee fitness, also known as bungee dance, is an exciting twist on conventional workouts. Originating in Thailand through the innovative vision of choreographer Sivavut Mathung, bungee fitness made its way to Europe in 2015. This unique workout combines fitness exercises with dance elements, and participants wear a harness connected to bungee cords for support and resistance throughout the session. The harness encircles your waist and legs, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience. As a non-traditional workout, we highly recommend giving bungee fitness a try at least once.

bungee fitness bologna

Advantages of Bungee Fitness

The primary benefits of bungee fitness include elevated heart rate and endurance, muscle toning, and calorie burning. The diverse range of movements enabled by the bungee cords facilitates a comprehensive full-body workout that targets your core, legs, arms, and back.

The harness and elastic band combination results in a low-impact workout that fuses cardio and strength exercises.

A typical class consists of 70% cardio and 30% strength training, featuring lunges, squats, push-ups, and jumps. Bungee fitness is both enjoyable and effective, making it an excellent choice for reinvigorating your exercise routine.

Bungee Fitness como

bungee fitness como

Who Can Participate in a Bungee Workout?

Bungee fitness is accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level, age, or gender. Its low-impact nature protects your ankles and knees from injury, unlike running or jump rope exercises. Bungee fitness offers a fun alternative to traditional cardio workouts, such as those on treadmills or ellipticals. As you become accustomed to the harness and its movements, you’ll find it easier to let go and defy gravity. The harness can be adjusted to accommodate various heights and weights, and instructors will modify the elastic length to suit your body. Once you’re comfortable, the workout starts with strength exercises like lunges and squats, progressively increasing resistance before transitioning to the cardio portion of the class.

Bungee fitness torino

Bungee Fitness Torino

Helpful Tips and Suggestions for doing Bungee Fitness in Turin

Wear comfortable clothing for the best experience. Breathable fabrics are a must!

Start with slow movements and progress as your body gets used to the harness. It’s important to build a good foundation before increasing the intensity of your workout.

First-time bungee fitness attendees may initially feel uncomfortable, so remember to bring a water bottle and wear tight-fitting, breathable workout attire.

We also recommend wearing biking shorts over your leggings or donning a second pair of leggings to minimize any chafing from the harness.

While the experience may seem entirely new and unique at first, you’ll quickly grow accustomed to the bungee and the associated movements, making everything much simpler.

bungee fitness corsi

bungee fitness corsi

Bungee Fly in Milan, Italy

Bungee Fitness Milan Italy

bungee Fly is a brand granted exclusively to MUV, the Amateur Sports Association. MUV was born with the intent and mission of promoting and spreading Bungee Fly: a new dance, fitness and suspension training technique.

WHAT IS BUNGEE FLY? Bungee Fly® is a new innovative discipline aimed at the world of fitness and dance. It is a discipline in suspension that is very fun and at the same time very training. It is practiced thanks to the support of elastic ropes connected to the body by means of professional harnesses.

The rebound of the elastic cords allows you to move in space by playing with gravity. During a Bungee Fly lesson you will be able to perform a series of movements, jumps and bounces that are impossible to perform in a normal bodyweight lesson. In some places you will be able to take both feet off the ground and have the sensation of flying. Fly without limits with Bungee Fly!

The Bungee Fitness Course

The Bungee Fly course offered by MUV is an intensive training run by industry professionals, focused on the study of the technique of the same name and aimed at training new “level I Bungee Fly Instructors”.

The level I course represents the main stage to become a professional Bungee Fly instructor and to have a 360° knowledge of the discipline in all its aspects. The course has a total duration of two days for a total of about 10 hours and is the only course that forms you in a complete, professional way and that allows you to differentiate yourself on the market!
Contact Information

CAMILLA LUCCHINI Founder, Didactic coordinator, Master trainer

Bungee Fitness Trainer Italy

Founder, Educational Coordinator, Master Trainer “Bungee Fly is a project built entirely from the ground up.

Collaborating with others in a garage, I developed the initial tools and formulated the first movements. I never anticipated that this project would enable us to engage with such diverse people and cultures.

My strong passion for flight and the desire to create an artistic discipline that transports people to another reality and offers a new perspective drove me to embark on my Bungee Fly journey.”

Bungee Fly Studio classes cater to an amateur audience seeking a fun and distinctive way to stay in shape. These annual evening classes offer quarterly or monthly subscriptions.

Our disciplines include Bungee Fly®, Amaka Fly®, and Hoop Fly®.

Classes take place at the Showlletico Dance & Musical Academy, located at Via Volontari del Sangue 38 in Cologno Monzese (MI).

For more information, contact our office at +39 3270887562 or reach out to Camilla, the founder of Bungee Fly, at +39 328 6575903, or send an email to infobungeefly@gmail.com.

Bungee fitness dove si trova

bungee fitness dove si trova

Meet Clare Cinquini: Bungee Fitness Instructor

Clare has always been immersed in the world of dance, having been raised in her mother’s dance school, and eventually becoming a professional dancer and choreographer herself. She began by teaching contemporary dance before discovering pilates, which shares many similarities with dance principles and is often used as a pre-show warm-up.

Clare is an avid yoga practitioner to maintain her flexibility and focus, while she teaches Pilates and Bungee Fitness classes. Her passion for aerial movement and suspension makes bungee fitness an ideal fusion of dance and the sensation of flight. Clare’s approach at Nuovo Mondo Fitness emphasizes elasticity, toning, stability, and concentration, all of which strengthen both the body and mind. Her classes exude a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, enabling participants to absorb the positive energy, build confidence in their abilities, and ultimately improve themselves.

Drawing inspiration from bungee jumping, this innovative technique seamlessly merges exercise and enjoyment. Bungee Fitness involves a suspended workout, where participants hang from the ceiling using an elastic cord attached to a professional harness, creating the exhilarating feeling of flight. This gravity-defying exercise routine enhances strength, aerobic capacity, and core muscles, resulting in an elevated workout experience that simultaneously fosters proper postural balance.

Bungee Fitness Workout Palermo

Bungee Fitness workout Palermo

Bungee Fitness Coach: Roberta D’Arrigo

Experience gravity-defying exercise and airborne training with a dash of adrenaline in the groundbreaking Bungee workout.

This distinctive fitness routine, inspired by bungee jumping, originates from Thailand and repurposes the concept of the jumping rope for an extraordinary gym experience that stands out in its uniqueness.

The Bungee Workout has piqued the interest of many sports and wellness aficionados due to its unconventional training program, which is rapidly gaining popularity in numerous cities, including Palermo at the Vida Club. By harnessing the power of gravity, the Bungee Workout helps to build muscle strength while keeping the experience enjoyable.

Jumps, leaps, and push-ups are all facilitated by the elasticity of the rope, which not only protects against joint injuries but also encourages engagement of various muscle groups. The Bungee Workout, a blend of dance and aerobics, is highly valued by those seeking to strengthen their muscles and those in search of a training method that combines effort with a touch of exhilarating excitement.

Contact Information:

Address: Via R. Mondini, 15 – Palermo

Phone: 091 7658267

Email: info@vidaclubfitness.it Facebook: facebook.com/vidaclub

Bungee Fitness Osimo

Bungee Fitness Osimo

Bungee Fitness Instructor: Camilla Marcosignori

Camilla Marcosignori chose to pursue contemporary circus studies at the Flic in Turin, while simultaneously completing a three-year degree in Psychology, finishing both courses in 2015 and 2016. She continued her training at La Central del Circ (Barcelona) and the Grainerie (Toulouse), focusing on aerial dance, acrobatics, and balancing.

In 2018, Camilla joined VisionAria Nuovo Circo based in Ancona and began exploring the realm of teaching, sharing her passion for aerial disciplines with others. During the same year, she attended the Stark Body Flying method course and obtained the national diploma for instructors in Bungee Dance™ Fitness.

Contact Information:


Kardila Business Center
Via San Gennaro, 28
60027 – Osimo (AN)

Tel: 338.1770012
Email: info@olisticasalus.com


In conclusion, bungee fitness studios in Italy offer a unique and thrilling alternative to traditional workout methods. By combining elements of dance, aerobics, and suspension training, bungee fitness provides a comprehensive full-body workout that is both enjoyable and effective. With a range of studios and talented instructors across the country, there is no better time to give bungee fitness a try. Step out of your comfort zone, defy gravity, and discover a whole new way to stay fit and healthy with bungee fitness in Italy.