Bungee Fitness Equipment for Home: 3 Favorites and How-To!

Setting up your bungee fitness equipment for home can be exciting but daunting. At BungeeQC, we want this innovative type of fitness to be available for anyone! In this article, we detail what you need to set up your at-home bungee gym, and we list 3 of our favorite sets bungee fitness equipment for home so you can get started on your bungee journey ASAP!

Space and Anchoring

Giving yourself enough space to set up your bungee gym is vital. Bungee fitness is fantastic because it allows you to complete exercises with a wide range of movement. We recommend at least a 10 feet by 10 feet room, with a ceiling around 8-10 feet. This will ensure that no matter how far you try to jump or stretch, you will stay safe and not run into anything. With that, ensure your area is clutter-free, and give yourself room to do all those fantastic aerial dance moves!

Second is anchoring; installing your bungee fitness equipment on the ceiling can cause severe damage to your house if done incorrectly. That is why it is so important to find a beam strong enough. Hanging the bungee fitness equipment on the rafters or ceiling joints can destroy the drywall. Take your time and find the perfect spot in your home for your new bungee fitness equipment!

Flooring and Surface

gym flooring for bungee fitness equipment for home
Gym Flooring

Make your gym walls and floors sturdy and durable but comfortable. Using padded or non-slip flooring (like this one: https://amzn.to/3Fz1SKx) will enhance your comfort and safety and protect your floors underneath! Ensure your walls are a decent distance away. Still, if you worry about running into them accidentally, there is padding for that, too (like this classic one: https://amzn.to/3PWtSw8)! Additionally, putting mirrors up in your gym is a great way to easily see what you are doing and improve your technique. Protecting your home with a safe area will also save you and ensure you have a great and safe workout every time!

Lighting and Ventilation

There are SO many lighting options for your bungee workout room. We love the idea of turning your gym into a moody, fun club atmosphere, as you see in spin classes. Still, there is nothing like a well-lit gym to see yourself and improve your form. Decide what lighting suits you and your vibe, and make the studio yours. Another mood changer is your ventilation. Ensure you have access to fresh air, air conditioning, or a fan to keep the air moving as you work up a sweat! We love working in a 65-70-degree room to keep ourselves cool and energized.

3 Top Sets of Bungee Fitness Equipment For Home

Now that we have your gym all setup, let’s look at 3 excellent bungee fitness equipment for home setups and see which one fits you!!

Dasking Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set Bungee fitness equipment at home Dasking set up

    • Ideal for Agility and Plyometric Training: The Dasking Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set is designed for agility and plyometric training, making it perfect for improving agility, speed, balance, and strengthening various body parts.
    • Versatile Elastic Cores: Different weight classes come with various elastic cores, allowing you to choose the level of resistance that suits your needs, from 50kg to 90kg.
    • Home Gym Workout Equipment: With a harness that fits waist sizes up to 45 inches and thigh sizes up to 31 inches, this set is suitable for various exercises, from yoga and Pilates to sports like soccer, MMA, fencing, and more.
    • Package Includes 1 Bungee Cord, 2 daisy chains, 3 carabiners, 1 adjustable padded harness, 1 rotational device, and a guidebook.

Gravity Yoga Bungee Dance Rope Workout Fitness Setbungee fitness equipment for home

    • High-Strength Elastic Rope: The Gravity Yoga Bungee Dance Rope set features heavy-duty latex ropes, offering a durable and safe option for home gym exercises.
    • Various Weight Classes: It provides multiple weights, from XS to XXL, accommodating individuals from 88 to 220 pounds.
    • Complete Set Accessories: The package includes a swivel, carabiner, harness, two slings (40cm & 60cm), and a 1.1m Daisy Chain for versatile workout options.
    • Versatile Usage: This bungee fitness set is excellent for various activities, including yoga, fitness, bodybuilding, and aerial dance, helping improve balance and muscle strength.

PRIOR FITNESS Bungee Fitness Equipment Setbungee fitness equipment for home

    • Upgraded Elastic Cords: Made of high-strength latex, these bungee fitness resistance bands offer excellent rebound, elasticity, and durability, making them perfect for aerial exercises.
    • Durable and Safe: Safety-certified and load-bearing tested, these cords are suitable for high-intensity interval training, low-impact cardio, and plyometric exercises, enhancing agility and balance.
    • Easy setup Anywhere: With the PRIOR FITNESS Bungee Fitness Equipment Set, you can work out at home, outdoors, or in the gym. You only need a chin-up bar, beam, or solid tree branch.
    • Complete Bungee Fitness Kit: The set includes a swivel, carabiner, harness, two slings (40cm & 60cm), and a 1.1m Daisy Chain for various exercise possibilities.
    • Professional After-Sale Service: PRIOR FITNESS is committed to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products, ensuring your satisfaction and support.

Bungee fitness is an excellent new way to work out, and we want to ensure everyone has access to it. Thanks for reading our article on bungee fitness equipment for home, and we hope you give bungee fitness a try! 

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