Burpees. Works your core, chest, shoulders, lat, triceps and quads and get get your heart pumping.

Turkish get-up: Using a kettlebell, make a move that is effective for blasting belly fat

Medicinal Ball Burpees - helps to increase the intensity of the burpee exercise

Sprawl - Burpee on steroids that works as my muscles and burns lots of calories

Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams - a dynamic, explosive and highly metabolic exercise

Overhead Medicine Ball Slams - using a heavy weighted ball, this exercise strengthen your core.

Russian Twist - using a ball or plate, this exercise improves oblique strength and definition.

BOSU Ball planks - helps to strengthen core muscles, burn more calories and fat

Treadmill Running on incline - you burn 50 per cent more calories when on inclined treadmill

Rowing Machine - Fat-blasting cardio which works muscles in your legs, core, arms, shoulders and back.

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