What Is Bungee Fitness?

Women in bungee harnesses

Bungee fitness is a wild, fun, and innovative new workout on the scene, and it will stay for a while. It is believed to have started somewhere in Thailand and, around 2017, made its way to Tough Lotus Bungee in Chandler, Arizona. One of their videos of class went viral, and now bungee fitness is taking over. Let’s explore what a bungee class looks like, the benefits of bungee fitness, and how to find bungee classes near you.

Women in bungee harnesses
Women using bungee harnesses to complete a workout.

Bungee fitness is a high-energy, full-body workout. When you first enter a bungee fitness studio, you will see bungee cords attached to the ceiling with harnesses at the bottom. The class will begin with showing you how to get into the harness and safely maneuver yourself. The bungee harness is an excellent tool to accomplish a low-impact workout. You can jump, swing, and fly in the harness. You have a much wider range of movement available to you, not only engaging more muscles in your body but also allowing you to do exercises you may not otherwise be able to do easily on your own. Next, you will begin the warm-up and workout. Bungee fitness studios have many different types of workouts you can do. Typically, the classes offered will include a HIIT type of workout (high-intensity interval training), a slower strength training workout, or a creative dance choreography workout. We love all the different classes, and we especially love that they all allow you to be creative and have fun while getting your exercise in!

At BungeeQC, we believe exercise is a crucial tenet of a good life, and we love that bungee fitness enables you to enjoy your workout. It helps you reduce stress and strengthen your body to make your life more enjoyable. Additionally, bungee fitness is a fantastic gateway to aerial arts. Many bungee studios offer programs to help choreograph dances for theatre, recitals, and more! Bungee fitness can open doors to new passions you have never tried before.

Finding a bungee class is easy with our articles about bungee fitness in various cities, countries, and continents! We want to help you find a bungee fitness studio near you so you can join us on this fantastic journey. Use our search bar, or put “bungee fitness near me” into your favorite search engine. Suppose there is not a bungee studio in your vicinity. In that case, we have many articles on how to prepare for a bungee class, other aerial studios, and more topics on health and wellness that we think you will enjoy and be able to use so you can be ready for that bungee studio when it gets built near you!

Bungee fitness is an excellent and unique new world of fitness, and we are so excited to help you navigate it!

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