bungee fitness austin – Fitness in the Air – 4 Bungee Fitness Studios in Austin, Tx

Traditional gyms can be mundane and even intimidating. If you’re looking for a workout that’s out-of-the-box, fun and effective, look no further than bungee fitness! We’ve rounded up 4 of the best bungee fitness studios in Austin, Tx to help you get your sweat on.

Fly to Fit

If you’re looking for a workout that’s high energy and fun, look no further than Fly to Fit! Their hour-long classes incorporate cardio, strength training and conditioning all while suspended in the air by a trampoline and harness. You’ll burn calories and build muscle while flying high – literally! Prices start at $28 per class.

Address: 1701 W Ben White Blvd #350, Austin, TX 78704

Phone number: (512) 710-0700

Website: https://www.flytofit.com/austin/

Classes: Bounce & Burn, Fit & Fly Yoga, Vertical Jump Training

Sky Candy

Get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing at Sky Candy! Their classes are designed to challenge your body and mind while providing a fun, supportive environment. You can choose from classes like AntiGravity Fitness, Silks and Lyra – all of which will help you achieve a full-body workout. Prices start at $35 per class.

Address: 507 Calles St #117b, Austin, TX 78702

Phone number: (512) 202-6768

Website: https://www.skycandyaustin.com/fitness-classes/

Classes: AntiGravity Fitness, Lyra, Silks I & II

The Girl Spot

The Girl Spot is a unique studio that offers aerial yoga, acroyoga and pole fitness classes for women of all shapes, sizes and levels of experience. They believe in celebrating feminine strength and sexuality through movement and their classes reflect that! Prices start at $25 per class.

Address: 1915 E Riverside Dr C3A, Austin TX 78741 Phone number: (737) 703-7768

Website: https://www.thegirlspotatx.com/fitness-classes/ Classes: AcroYoga Basics I & II , Basics of Inversions I & II, Beginner Pole Series 1 & 2

Fuse Bungee Fitness – Austin Tx

Come fly with Fuse Bungee Fitness! They offer classes that combine elements of circus arts, calisthenics and aerials while incorporating a cardio workout. Their goal is to make fitness fun while helping you achieve your fitness goals. Prices start at $30 per class. Address: 3121 S Congress Ave Suite 112 Austin TX 78704 Phone number:(512) 961-8996 Website : https://fusebungeefitnessaustinptyltdliabilityco.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral

Classes : Conditioning on silks , Intermediate Bungee Workout , Open gym + play time


Try out one of these unique fitness experiences the next time you’re looking for a workout! All of these studios offer something different so you can find the perfect fit for you. Whether you want to condition your body, de-stress your mind or just have some fun – bungee fitness has got you covered!