A Review of the Different Bungee Fitness Studios in Massachusetts

There are different bungee fitness studios in Massachusetts that offer a variety of services. In this blog post, we will be looking at the different studios and their offerings. We will also be looking at the price of classes, the description of the studio, and some reviews

Exercise in Disguise Fitness

The first studio we will be looking at is Exercise in Disguise Fitness. This studio is located in Leominster, MA and their phone number is (978) 706-3183. The price of their class is $40 and their class description is as follows: “Bungee Fitness is a high intensity, low impact workout that uses suspending yourself from a bungee cord to give you a full body workout.”

You’ve seen it via social medias… Presently Bungee Fitness has shown up in Springfield, Mama.

Get a full body cardio/conditioning exercise with the resistance of a flying bungee. Oppose gravity while you consume calories. Come take off, and experience an exercise that is genuinely “Practice in Camouflage!”

Intended for all wellness levels.

Bungee Fitness class at Exercise in Disguise Fitness, Springfield Massachusetts

This class assists you with getting to know the bungee, learn fundamental moves and afterwards put them under a magnifying glass in a 1 hour full body cardio, conditioning and opposition exercise.

Bungee Fitness Bootcamp class

Their class include a Bungee Bootcamp which is a HIIT session on Bungee Cords. It is a class of 30 minutes duration providing a full body workout giving you opportunity to shape and tone. Note that this Bungee Fitness Bootcamp is not recommended for beginners. One must have taken at least 3 classes before.

Click on this link to book a Bungee Fitness class session:


Here are some reviews from their customers: “I had so much fun taking this class! It’s a great workout and I love that it’s low impact.”


I had such a great experience !!! The instructor Jade she is patience, kind and knows 💯 what she is doing and teaching!! I am planning to go again and i dont even live in Springfield, i am actually 2 hours away.


Jade is the best instructor in the area hands down. She brings a lot of fun, creativity and skill to her classes. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious making workouts even more fun. Jade is a true professional and lover of fitness. I highly recommend her studio!


Jade is the best! I’ve taken her aerial, zumba, and bungee classes and love all of them. She is a master of giving you a challenging workout while you’re having fun! I’ve learned so much from Jade. She has knowledge and training in so many different areas and she teaches to all levels. She’s also a caring and supportive instructor who helps you progress at your own pace. Take her classes!


Jade is a beautiful dancer and a wonderful instructor. She was very patient with an anxious newcomer and immediately me feel comfortable and welcome. I also had the opportunity to partner with her on a professional level when I became an instructor myself. She was a fantastic communicator and together we coordinated a very successful event.


Excellent instructor, I’ve been following Jade for years and I have to say, there’s none other like her. She gives a lot of motivation, encouragement, and she can safely instruct a person who’s never exercised a day in their life, all the way to someone who has years of experience. Her title of her business says it all, she make exercise seem like fun, so you don’t even feel like your doing exercise, yet you get great results. I’ve taken zumba, water aerobics, bungee and my all time favorite…aerial yoga with her. I would highly recommend ANY of her classes. I moved out of state and now I still have the luxury of continuing with zumba/ aerobic class virtually. I love it! ❤


I did Zumba with Jade and have to say there is NO Zumba instructor in this area like she.

1. You feel comfortable at any fitness level yet your challenged to the point of visible results!

2. She leads you through physical training as your having a fun time, learning dance moves, and building your self esteem! *I always left her classes feeling invigorated physically and mentally.

3. Reasonable cost for her expertise and dynamic studio environment !

Looking forward to getting back to Exercise in Disguise!

Thanks Jade!!! 🙏💜


I love love Bungee jumping class! It was so different than any other gym class I’ve taken! It was so much fun but at the same time it was a great workout! I went many times and enjoyed every moment of the class! Jade the instructor is an amazing coach!


Jade is an amazing Aerial Fitness instructor! She takes the time to make you feel comfortable and explains each step along the way. There are modifications for every pose and trick so everyone, no matter their fitness level, can participate. I highly recommend her Aerial Hammock class! FIVE STARS!!!


I have been working out with Jade for over 15 years; there is no one I would trust more with my health and exercise regime!! I highly recommend any and all of her classes as she very knowledgeable and explains everything to you so that you don’t hurt yourself. My favorite classes are aerial and bungee!!


The next studio we will look at is SWETSTUDIO®. This studio is located in Cambridge, MA and their phone number is (617) 945-1090. The price of their class is $30 and their class description is as follows: “Bungee fitness is a heart-pumping, full-body workout that uses your own body weight and gravity to tone muscles, improve cardio endurance, and build strength.” Here is a review from one of their customers: “I absolutely loved this class! I didn’t think I would be able to do it but the instructor was so supportive and encouraging.”

Love Pole Fitness and Aerial Arts

The third studio we will look at is Love Pole Fitness and Aerial Arts. This studio is located in Worcester, MA and their phone number is (508) 926-1112. The price of their class is $35 and their class description is as follows: “Bungee fitness gives you a great workout while having fun!” Here is a review from one of their customers: “I had so much fun in this class! It was a great workout and I loved being able to fly around.”

Barre Groove

The fourth studio we will look at Barre Groove. This studio is located in Boston, MA and their phone number is (617) 987-8732. The price of their class is $20 and their description says: “Get your groove on while toning your entire body!” Here’s a review from one of their customers: “I loved this class! It was such a great workout and the music was awesome.”


And lastly, we have Reimagym. This gym us located in Boston, MA as well and their phone numberis (617) 933-8446. The price for drop-in classes here are $25 but they do offer monthly memberships starting at $99 per month. Their class descriptions says: “‘Our aerial yoga classes give you a full-body workout while suspended in the air by yoga hammocks.'” And here’s a review from one of their customers:

“I have never done anything like this before but I loved it! It was such a great workout.”


If you’re looking for something new to try for your fitness routine, why not give bungee fitness a try? There are different studios all around Massachusetts that offer classes for reasonable prices. And according to the reviews, it seems like everyone who has tried it has loved it! What are you waiting for? Go check out one of these studios today!