Bungee Fitness on the Drew Barrymore Show

In a recent episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” comedian Whitney Cummings and Drew Barrymore tried our favorite form of fitness, bungee fitness! We love that they spotlight bungee and show that being active doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

The Thrills of Bungee Fitness

Bungee fitness is an excellent way to get in your cardio and resistance training. Strap into your bungee harness and cord, just like Drew and Whitney! This makes it easy to move your body and do exercises like jumping jacks and burpees, while using a larger range of motion, resulting in much less impact on your joints. Getting your heart rate up is easy and fun in the bungee harness, and you will increase your cardiovascular endurance effortlessly.

Furthermore, balancing yourself in the harness also engages your core muscles, giving you a full workout for those strong abs you want. Consequently, many bungee workouts also involve a lot of dance moves; the bungee harness gives you a low-impact way to elegantly fly through the air!

whitney cummings and drew barrymore suspended in bungee harnesses in a goofy way with legs and arms splayed
Whitney Cummings and Drew Barrymore doing Bungee Fitness from The Drew Barrymore Show Youtube

Laughter-Filled Bungee Fitness

We think it is so cute how Drew and Whitney are smiling and laughing the whole time in the video. Bungee fitness is a great activity for you and your friends to do together to embrace the silliness and blow off steam. All types of exercise are fantastic for reducing stress, but bungee fitness stands out because it is a double-edged sword of fitness AND fun. Look up “bungee fitness class near me” and find a class for you and your friends to enjoy! 

The Power of Celebrity Endorsement

It’s great how big-name celebrities celebrate fun and innovative forms of fitness. But the wonderful thing about bungee fitness is that you don’t have to be rich and famous to try it! Many classes are affordable and easy to access; we have many articles about various cities and how to find the best bungee fitness studios near you. Additionally, finding a studio and participating in several classes will build a social circle that will help you stay accountable while working toward your fitness goals!


We are so excited that Drew showcased bungee fitness on her show. She did a fantastic job of highlighting the importance of approaching fitness with adventure and humor. We believe that getting fit can and should be engaging, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone. Explore our website to discover different options in your area!