All Fit Bungee Instructor Training: A Review

You know innovation in your fitness routine is vital for staying engaged and healthy, so as a fitness instructor, you must teach this principle to your clients. At BungeeQC, we are ALL about bungee fitness and have found an excellent training program for you to add to your resume. All Fit Bungee is our recommendation for a comprehensive and professional bungee fitness certification. Read on for details about the program!

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The Pros of Becoming a Bungee Fitness Instructor with All Fit Bungee

Becoming a bungee fitness instructor opens the door to an innovative and distinctive niche in the health and fitness world. This will allow you to stand out to gym owners, clients, and more! Bungee fitness can range from your typical HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and cardio classes to more creative dance choreography classes. You will be able to use your own creativity with how you conduct each bungee class, and you will reach a broader audience.

Additionally, bungee fitness is a great low-impact aerobic workout, letting students who may not be able to do traditional cardio routines have an opportunity to participate and increase their cardiovascular endurance. Becoming a bungee fitness instructor is a no-brainer and well worth the investment; let’s discuss how to become a bungee fitness instructor with All Fit Bungee!

The All Fit Bungee Instructor Training Program

NASM/AFAA Approved and Continuing Education

The All Fit Bungee Instructor Training and Certification Program is a two-day training in Clinton, Utah, USA, but it will also come to you! The program equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in bungee fitness. They include:

– specialized fitness training

– bungee movement techniques

– safety protocols

– essential aspects of business management (equipment care, maintenance, and effective advertising)

Our favorite part of the program is that they have received approval from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) to offer continuing education credits for those already associated with one of the organizations. This underscores the quality and credibility of the program and makes it a fantastic option for an aspiring professional!

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All Fit Bungee All In Curriculum: Consistency in Method

All Fit Bungee believes in keeping consistency at the core of their training; all instructors are trained in the All In Curriculum, so whoever administers the class is a well-trained professional. The program was meticulously developed by experienced professionals with dance, group fitness, sports, and coaching backgrounds. All Fit Bungee uses its consistency to ensure every student has a high-quality experience. 

The Freedom of Variety

While consistency is a crucial tenet of the All-Fit Bungee Training Program, they have structured the curriculum so that students can incorporate freestyle elements into each class. Whereas many bungee classes are only freestyle, All Fit Bungee classes have the best of both worlds, and no student goes home without a solid and engaging workout. 


We think All Fit Bungee Instructor Training is a significant step toward your innovative fitness career. Learning the basics of this low-impact, high-reward fitness approach will open many opportunities for you. Their commitment to quality, consistency, and industry approval will demonstrate to gym owners and clients that you are a professional. Check out All Fit Bungee Instructor Training to learn how to become a bungee fitness instructor now!