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Get ready to embark on a unique and exhilarating fitness journey as we introduce you to the world of Bungee Angel, a fresh take on traditional workouts led by Helen Pokrovska, a skilled bungee instructor with a passion for dance and aerial movement. This blog post will explore the various aspects of bungee workouts, showcasing how they can transform your fitness routine while providing you with an unforgettable experience that leaves you feeling uplifted, stronger, and more graceful than ever before.

Bungee Angel

Bungee Fitness Amsterdam Netherlands

Helen Pokrovska – Bungee Instructor

Meet Helen, an accomplished contemporary and aerial dancer with a rich professional background in Bungee Fitness. After earning her degree in dance and choreography from the esteemed Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), Helen has dedicated the last decade to dancing and choreographing for various dance and aerial companies throughout Europe and Southeast Asia.

Bungee Dance/Fit instruction is Helen’s true passion. She thrives on sharing her knowledge with students from all walks of life and skill levels worldwide, having taught bungee classes to both novices and seasoned professionals in cities like Bangkok, Moscow, and Los Angeles.

Helen’s approach to teaching combines skill-building with a strong emphasis on self-exploration and personal growth. Her ultimate aim is to guide her students on their unique bungee journey, fostering development and progress while ensuring they experience the pure joy that bungee has to offer.

What is Bungee fitness workout?

Bungee workout is a technique that gives your body sensation of flying as you spring into the air supported by the bungee. This experience of flight produces dopamine in brain (the happiness hormone). Participants can expect not only to get stronger, leaner and more graceful but above all feel elevated and happy after class! It connects dance, aerial gymnastic and circus.

It creates a high-intensity cardio, core-strengthening, low-impact on the joints and spine resistance training program. It develops coordination, endurance, lean strong muscles Different workouts available: In my group lessons, you will receive plenty of individual attention and focus.

After learning bungee technique, the majority of each lesson is devoted to putting that technique into practice. Bungee dance: 60 min, 15€/class

In Bungee Dance Bungee Angel concentrates on learning bungee moves of varying complexity. Then we put these moves together and smooth out the transitions between them, resulting in a short choreography. Perfect for dance lovers and dancers of all levels.

Bungee Fit: 60 min, 15€/class

Bungee Fit is a cardio workout that uses high-reps of basic bungee moves to maintain a raised heart rate during the class. Bungee Fit’s emphasis on consistent movement makes it a great calorie-burner. It is a perfect endurance builder for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level.

Bungee workshop 75 min, 35-40€ p.p/class

Bungee Workshop is devoted to learning bungee technique in depth. First we practice more complex bungee elements, which we then link together through intricate sequences a Bungee Workshop is devoted to learning bungee technique in depth and with as much fun as possible! If you want to try something new with your friends or would like to organize some super fun and unique team-building activity for your company’s colleagues or fly together with your girlfriends at bachelorette party, Bungee Angel can organize a custom made Bungee Fitness workshop for you.

Contact Information:

Address: Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31625440508

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Some Reviews:

Bungee dance is quite a new experience for me, I wasn’t sure that I can “fly” but after 4-5 lessons with Helen it became natural and not so scary. Amazing sport and teacher.

Bungee Fitness waar

Experience Bungee Super Fly at Club Fit 8

What is Bungee Super Fly? Bungee Super Fly allows you to perform gravity-defying moves reminiscent of “Mission Impossible” stunts, all while secured by bungee cords attached to a specialized belt. This full-body workout blends cardio and strength training, providing a fun and engaging experience that makes you forget how hard you’re working.

Exclusive in Eastern Netherlands This exceptional training method is available only at a limited number of fitness centers in the Netherlands. As you float above the ground, you’ll develop strength, flexibility, and core stability. This high-intensity workout incorporates squats, burpees, pushups, jumps, and a variety of other exercises, making it both enjoyable and challenging.

Reserve Your Bungee Super Fly Workshop Sign up for a Bungee Super Fly workshop at €30 per person. By default, the workshop takes place every Saturday at 10:30 am. To inquire about availability, contact us here. Alternate days and times may be possible upon consultation by phone. The workshop accommodates a minimum of four and a maximum of thirteen participants.

bungee fitness rotterdam

What is the concept behind bungee fitness?

Bungee fitness involves being securely fastened to an elastic cord, which is connected to the ceiling using a special harness system. This setup allows you to move nearly weightlessly through the air, performing impressive leaps and partial flips.

The bungee cord engages various muscles that are often overlooked during conventional workouts, including the obliques, which contribute to a flatter stomach and a more toned waistline. Strength, power, balance, and enjoyment are the cornerstones of bungee fitness. Plus, it’s accessible to all, as there’s no requirement to be extremely fit to participate.

bungee fitness den haag

A few venues in the Netherlands where bungee fitness workouts can be enjoyed include the following:

  1. Texel Gym in Oudeschild
  2. Mirror Center in Amsterdam
  3. Body Skills in Beverwijk
  4. Mars Bentum Dance & Theater School in Zutphen
  5. Dance & Yoga Styles in Zwolle

fly high bungee fitness nederland

bungee fitness brabant

Are you prepared to embrace the newest fitness sensation that involves flying and hovering in mid-air? If you’re seeking a fun-filled workout that burns plenty of calories, join us for a Bungee Super Fly Funworkout!

Studio Domingos introduced this exhilarating Funworkout in 2018 and is among the five locations in the Netherlands offering this exciting activity.

In April 2019, Christine Domingos even taught Bungee Workout classes at Germany’s largest fitness expo and at Healthfest. Their studio is the sole venue in Rotterdam where this thrilling sport can be experienced. Starting in 2020, they will be offering the workout in Overschie and Hillegersberg.

Bungee Fitness is a workout where participants are secured to a bungee cord attached to the ceiling, sitting in a harness connected to the bungee. This setup facilitates movements that would otherwise be impossible, allowing you to soar like a superhero.

This innovative approach to exercise offers a completely different experience than traditional workouts. Bungee Fitness is a high-intensity, explosive workout, with the bungee’s support enabling a wider range of movements. As a result, muscles are trained in a unique and engaging manner.

Bungee Fitness Netherlands

A Bungee workout begins with a warm-up, followed by strength exercises such as push-ups, lunges, and squats. After 20 minutes, the session progresses to jumping, flying, and floating. The class wraps up with stretching exercises and an intense abdominal workout.

The demand for this thrilling Funworkout continues to grow, and we offer it at both of our locations. You can attend these classes or workouts on a weekly basis. Their Delfgauw location is conveniently situated off the highway, making it easily accessible for individuals in Rotterdam and The Hague. Our other location is Ballet School Domingos in Hoek van Holland (Westland) and Delfgauw (near Delft).

bungee fitness leiden

Bungee Fitness Moves: 60-minute session led by Marjon Mandy Lee, an all-round sports instructor

During this class, participants can expect to embark on a unique and exhilarating journey as they jump beyond their limits in a remarkable way.

This cutting-edge fitness trend is perfect for those looking to work on their body and conditioning while having fun. With only a few spots available, interested individuals should not hesitate to sign up quickly by emailing info@sjollemasport.nl. Enrollment is open on a weekly basis.

The cost for a single session is €15.00, and a 4-week package for one Bungee Moves class per week is €45.00.

The regular class schedule is as follows:

Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Participants are advised to wear athletic clothing, long leggings, and clean indoor shoes.

bungee fitness in de buurt

Waar kan je bungee fitness volgen?

Those nyuuw questions: goede for je – bungaeefitness. Sport school in Oudeschild, Tex. Mirrors Centre in the Netherlands. Body skill at Beverweijk. The Mar Bentum Theatre School in Zuthphen. Tanz – Yoga Style in Zwolle. Sport school Texel at Oudeschild. Mirror Center in Amsterdam. Body skills in Belvewijk. Mars Bénétum Theatre and Drama School in Zaphen. Dance style in Zwolle.

Wat kost bungee fitness?

The loss is € 150.00. During this period Daarna will cost you € 45.50. The average price for four weeks for a single day Bungee Moving. ‘De vastes les’ on. Donderdag. 19h – 19h Uur.

Waar kan je bungee fitness doen?

It’s all in your probe. Sport schools texel aoudeschild. Mirror center of Amsterdam. Body skills in Beverwijn. Martian Theatre School in Zutphen, Germany. Ballet & Yoga Styles at Zwolle. Sportschool Texe en Oudeschild. Mirror Center in Amsterdam. Fitness in Beverwijk. Marty Benta – Théâtre – Schule von Zutphen. Ballet and yoga at Zwolle.

Is bungee fitness good for weight loss?

This course uses fast-paced explosive movement with lunges, squats and other resistance exercises. Included in weight exercises increases muscle tone. The Bungee Fitness is a two-part gym combining strength building and reducing fat.

Does bungee workout burn calories?

Foss says using bungees is best for burning calories. The calories burned in one exercise session can be between 1200 to 1500, Foss says.

Do you lose weight with bungee fitness?

It’s high intensity but never high impact so it’s easy enough to exert yourself however hard you want without affecting the joint. It increases your metabolic rate and helps burn calories and helps with weight loss, helps with strength and flexibility. The exercises also improve coordination.

Is bungee fitness a good workout?

Fitness professionals agree that climbing on bungees is an excellent exercise. You can also put spring into your step by combining elasticity and resistance to tackle different parts of your fitness. These include stability, power, cardio endurance, as well as extending your smiles.


Bungee Super Fly and other bungee fitness workouts offer an exciting alternative to traditional exercise, combining the thrill of flight with strength and endurance training. As you’ve seen throughout this blog post, these workouts are accessible, engaging, and beneficial to people of all fitness levels. So why not take the leap and try a bungee workout for yourself? With talented instructors like Helen Pokrovska and various bungee fitness classes available, you’re sure to find an experience that will leave you soaring to new heights, both physically and mentally.