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Bungee Fitness Class Schedule


Private sessions are so much fun and full of laughter!
 We know everyone is waiting to get in to the INTRO classes and we are excited to have you too!
March 2023 Bungee Fitness schedule is getting finalized and will be released soon!!

We also have Zumba

on Mondays & Wednesdays at 615pm and Saturdays at 1030am

Intro to Bungee Fitness

Bungee Fitness Schedule Intro Classes

45 minutes @ $14.60
This is a 45 minute session to introduce you flying, free falling and bungee burpees!! If you haven’t taken a bungee fitness class this is a great way to start!!
Intro To Bungee Fitness Class

Bungee Fitness Gift Certificates & Packages

WOW! Looks like you love Bungee Fitness just as much as we do, and we LOVE that you LOVE it! Now BOUNCE on over to our schedule and get your rope reserved!
*** All classes must be redeemed within 90 days (except the 12 class pass). There will not be any refunds, we can reschedule but there is as always a 24 hour cancellation policy. Therefore any classes needing rescheduled must be done at least 24hrs before the class, by reaching out to Bungee QC via our Bungee QC Facebook Messenger or Email

With this purchase I am agreeing to having the most fun possible, no judgments about anyone other than people I came with (haha), try moves to the best of my abilities, stop and take breaks or sips of water as needed. I also agree to sweaty selfies and random pics to be posted on social media. If the photo part is a real issue please just let your trainer know and they will make sure to leave you out of the photos, we think they are so fun to look at, but we’d like you to return more than we care about sharing your amazing bungee moves to the interweb! Also buy purchasing I am stating I have already or will be going to sign the online waiver that came in the appointment confirmation email before participating in class!